Tips When Buying a Good Office Seating

Why You Need a Good Office Seating

A good office seating is a big factor in a person’s work efficiency. Anyone who works full-time in the office, no matter what position, has one enemy in common: back pains. This problem is often experienced by the average worker who sits in his workstation for most of the day. It is easy to overlook minor pains we commonly experience in the neck or the back after a long workday but people should be more conscious of the long-term effect this might have on their overall health as well as productivity. Proper office seating should therefore be given importance just like all aspects of any business operation.

Ergonomics has taken the main stage in the work environment in recent years. Health experts raised concern about health risks office workers are exposed to. It highlights the effects of everyday arrangements in the work environment to one’s physical health. Studies have shown that staying in one position i.e. sitting down for long hours can cause damage to the spine, shoulders, and the neck and worsen existing physical conditions.

Thus, ergonomic furniture has been made available for the benefit of people who clock in full-time shifts at work. Europe for instance has laid out seating standards for desks and chairs used in conjunction with computer workstations. Even equipment such as monitor arms and laptop holders should comply with these standards.

Other Benefits of a Good Office Seating

Good and healthy office seating improves the productivity of businesses, as some ergonomists opine. A person can only sit in one place and position for a maximum of three hours at a time, needing breaks in between to relieve discomfort. By using ergonomic chairs and desks, breaks are significantly reduced allowing for a higher rate of productivity and better concentration.

Office Seating Pointers

  • If your company is just deciding on which kind of office chairs to buy, test some models for a week at least. This way, you can narrow down the features that are suitable for your operations. Test the adjustments for each chair and see it gives you the kind of support you and your employees need.
  • Office chairs should be adjustable in height. The range of adjustment should be enough to support your body shape and height. It helps to be able to customize the height of your seat according to the tasks you need to perform.
  • The backrest of the chair should cover the entire back and support the lower back. Have chairs that allow for adjustments in the position and tension of the backrest.
  • Invest in good quality chairs. Do not settle for cheap office as you are more likely to regret it later. Look for office chairs that can serve you for many years. Leather and vinyl are good options but you may also find good office chairs made of synthetic fabric.
  • Make good use of the adjustment capabilities of the chair you decide on buying. Modern task chairs can usually be adjusted by up to six ways. Whatever you do in the office, make sure you are as comfortable as possible. Always adjust the chair in such a way that your feet touch the floor comfortably.

Office seating is absolutely necessary but you should learn to grab the opportunity to stretch and do some simple exercises. For instance, walk to the printer or talk to a colleague in person instead of sending him an IM.

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