Office Secretary Desk A Functional Antique for an Organized Workspace

How to Grace Your Office with an Office Secretary Desk

Overview of the Office Secretary Desk

If you do a lot of writing, if you need a lot of supplies on hand while you work, if you want a quick solution to office desk clutter, and if you have a thing for antique furniture, the office secretary desk is for you. The office secretary desk is a large piece of furniture. Aside from the desk, it has a built-in bookshelf, plenty of stacked-on drawers and shelves, and a lid. A secretary desk is cousin to the office armoire and the roll top desk, with a bit of variations on design. Just like these other furniture, an office secretary desk is perfect for the home office. It can also be a handsome addition to workstations or executive offices that need creative solutions for organizing space.

Best of the Office Secretary Desk

The Craftsman Single and the Craftsman Double Office Secretary Desk.

These are two sizes of the same style and maker. They are both beautifully constructed with wood and hand carved in the Mission style, with a finishing of light or dark oak. The recessed area of the office secretary desk has plenty of space for books, papers, and envelopes. With the lid opened, there is enough desk space for paperwork. The Craftsman Double Office Secretary Desk has a 2-door cabinet and two pull-out drawers. The Single Office Secretary Desk has a 1-door cabinet, one drawer. Size of the whole piece is the same for both at 38.5�?—28.5�?—13.5 for HxWxD.

The Craftsman Deluxe

This is larger than the 1st 2 examples, at 60x35x16. It is a 2-drawer office secretary desk. It has open cubbyholes at the top of the desk for books or letters, and an open top shelf for papers and office supplies. At the bottom half of the desk there are 2 file drawers one on top of each other. A single-door cabinet is in the other bottom half. The material is oak veneer.

The Hand Carved Drop Front Office Secretary Desk with Pecan Finish

A solid desk of camphor wood, the best part of this desk is the ornate hand carvings throughout the front and side panels. It has a large front drawer, two small drawers on top, and a drop front lid. As the lid forms the writing desk, it opens up the front where all the shelves and cubbyholes and open slots and small storage spaces are. Dimensions for this desk are 25x.25�?—11.75�?—40.

French Country Deluxe Office Secretary Desk

A mix of solid wood and composite, it is painted and hand finished in a choice of interesting colors that unfortunately not everybody is happy with, judging from customer reviews. If antique French country is your thing, then you might like the sage, maple, black, or antique white of this desk. The design, however, is perfect. It has five drawers in it; two small ones inside the lid, two narrow ones below the drop down lid, and one large one at the very bottom. There are simple shelf spaces in the alcoves at the front of the desk. It stands at 52x37x18.5.

Where to Buy the Office Secretary Desk

These antique and reproduction pieces are surprisingly easy to find. Furniture importers and dealers such as Southern Enterprises and Home Decorators have one or two of these furniture types on inventory. A better way to find the best deals on office secretary desk would be to go online hunting at

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