Office Credenza – Solve Your Workstation Space Problems

Office Solutions with an Office Credenza

The office credenza is a useful furniture for setting up a workstation. The dimensions are that of a long low table. In fact, the original credenza was just that. In the 16th century, it was an extra table where food could be tested for poison before serving. In the 19th century, it became a fashionable piece of furniture meant for ostentatious display; decorated, inlaid, burnished, and polished. Modern kitchens, dining rooms, and restaurants will sometimes have a credenza as a buffet table, or as a cupboard or side table. Then there is the office credenza.

The office credenza is a flexible piece of furniture. It could serve as a table, a cabinet, a storage space. It could stand alone, act as a divider, or be part of a modular L-shaped or a U-shaped desk.

Office Credenza Types

Credenza with Hutch – A hutch is a shelf or cabinet unit placed on top of a desk, table, or in this case, a credenza. When considered as a whole, this type of office credenza can already serve as a stand-alone workstation. The hutch provides additional storage for files, books, papers, and office supplies. The credenza serves as desk and computer table.

Computer Credenza – An office credenza for computer use will have areas for the monitor and the CPU. There will be space for additions such as a printer and speakers. Oftentimes, this type of office credenza is used as an adjunct to a main office desk. It is a convenient and practical addition to someone seeking to add more working space to an office, without the hassle of renovating.

Storage Credenza – The storage credenza for offices is usually placed in a wall and connected to the office desk. This will make the files and supplies easily accessible. In addition, the work surface is then extended.

Credenza Shell – This is the simplest credenza design. Stripped to the bare essentials, it is composed of nothing more than a tabletop or work-surface, and side and back panels. For an office credenza, this minimal design could be combined with other units for a workstation. It could also be a side desk or a storage unit.

The Office Set – Sometimes, an office credenza is already part of a matching set. This includes a main office desk, an extra table for conferences, the cabinets for filing and organizing papers, the shelves for storing, and the office chair.

The Best Office Credenza for You

Bush Industries has an extensive collection of office furniture. Their products are grouped according to commercial office use, dedicated or family home office use, and furniture for small spaces. The company also has a separate category for entertainment furniture. The Bush office credenza is a top-selling product in with a rating of 5 stars from satisfied customers.

The HON Company will give you a choice of simple designs if that is what you are looking for in an office credenza. The company offers workstation solutions to small and medium-sized offices. This line is a good alternative to the heavier veneer of Bush Office Furniture. It is also available in

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