A Classic Mahogany Office Desk for Your Elegant Office

Identifying A Mahogany Office Desk

Before shopping for a mahogany office desk, you may want to know first how to identify if the desk being offered to you is really made of mahogany.

What is Mahogany?

Mahogany is fast becoming a rare species of hardwood. It was a very popular wood for American craftsmen of the 18th century. In England, famous cabinets such as the Chippendale and the Sheraton were made primarily with mahogany as the material. Fine furniture of that period will have its list a mahogany office desk. The characteristics of the wood have made it a favorite for musical instruments as well. It is not native to the US, but there are many sources of the lumber. These include Mexico, Cuba, El Salvador, Honduras, Brazil, and Ghana. In some of these countries, the trade of this type of wood has been regulated. This has diminished the use of mahogany by furniture makers. More affordable alternatives to pure mahogany hardwood are a veneer finish or a mahogany stain.

Characteristics of a Mahogany Office Desk

Here are a few tips and tricks to determine if the desk you are looking at is truly a mahogany office desk. Color, texture, pattern, and grain will be big factors in determining wood types.

Color – Known as a dark-colored hardwood, there is actually a variety of color in freshly cut lumber. As it matures, the wood color will deepen to its characteristic dark-rich red or brown. When a mahogany office desk is polished to a fine sheen, it gleams a reddish luster. If a mahogany office desk is exposed to too much sun, it will fade.

Texture – the texture of the wood is fine and even so that it is easy to plane, cut, and sand. Some species such as the Honduras mahogany will be free from voids and pockets in its general texture. Polished wood has a fine texture, which adds to its sheen and luster. As the mahogany office desk ages and goes through more polishing, the wood texture improves.

Grain and Pattern – A mahogany office desk will have a straight but irregular grain. It is oftentimes called an open grain. It has something called “figure,” which are interesting patterns made by interlocking fibers within the wood. The figure makes mahogany a unique wood for the pattern it makes.

Durability – Mahogany timber is very durable and workable, thus a favorite of woodworkers. A mahogany office desk is rarely heard as being attacked by dry-bore termites. It does not shrink and it does not warp, and it lasts for ages. You can recognize antique mahogany furniture by the warm dark color and the traditional design.

Where and How to Buy Mahogany Office Desk

If you are not the type to relish the idea of visiting a lot of stores in search of your perfect mahogany office desk, then there is an easier option. It is called online shopping. At the click of a mouse, a whole catalog of desks is opened up for you. You can look at the pictures and read the descriptions, the specs, and the customer feedback. Ordering is a breeze. All you need is a credit card and a secure network. A few days, and the item is delivered to your door.

You can easily find a mahogany office desk in most antique online stores like Sellingantiques.co.uk but you can also find it in big ones like Amazon.com.

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