Herman Miller Chairs — The Best Office Chairs Around

If you’ve looked into office chairs at all, there is absolutely no way that you haven’t come across the name Herman Miller chairs. But why is that? What makes this company’s chairs stand out so far ahead of the pack that even the name of their most popular chair, the Aeron, has become synonymous with comfort in the office?

Well, the fact of the matter is that Herman Miller is just that innovative and unique of a company, winning design award after award, including its induction into the “Made in America” hall of fame in 2012.

Why are Herman Miller Chairs so Popular?

Perhaps the best place to start with why Herman Miller chairs outgun their competition is with their flagship model, The Aeron. Setting the industry standard in office chairs for years, the innovative design (which is now classic as The Aeron is displayed in the Museum of Modern Art due to its elegance) and high quality workmanship set this chair apart from the rest of the pack.

Herman Miller Chairs

When Herman Miller first set out to revolutionize the office chair design, there is no way he could have ever imagined how successful he would be. The Aeron is the flagship chair of the company, but every chair in the Herman Miller line lives up to its rigorous standards. Innovation, adaptation to all shapes and sizes and pragmatic function that helps you get through each day you’re seated at your desk: Herman Miller chairs provides you with the supporting comfort and balanced design all packaged together with a killer suspension system and easy-to-use controls.

Herman Miller chairs are perfect as work chairs, side chairs and stool support as well. Its modest, fundamentalist design has been taken a step further with the recent addition of the PostureFit system. The PostureFit supports your pelvis’s natural forward tilt, allowing you to sit comfortably for hours upon hours, no matter which position you’re in.

But perhaps the most surprising feature of the chair is the lack of cushions. Instead, Herman Miller’s design team believes that chairs should conform to your contours and relieve the pressure points and heat build-up that cause the aches and pains. That’s how The Pellicle was invented. The Pellicle is a specially woven seat suspension material that conforms to your body, cradling it while keeping an even pressure, all while keeping your body cool. It’s the future of chairs, now.

Options that Herman Miller Provides for their Customers

One thing that is apparent when it comes to buying an office chair is that the extra adjustability of the product make for a more comfortable, supportive day. It’s true that when we are more comfortable, we are more productive as well as happy to be in our jobs, something that makes even the dullest workday more bearable.

Here are some common options from Herman Miller chairs that you should choose between.

  • Seat Height: allows you to manually adjust how far you are from the floor, providing more comfort and less strain on your feet, legs and lower back
  • Tilt Tension: this allows you to control how much pressure you have to exert to recline in your chair. For some, less is more and vice-versa
  • Tilt Limiter: the tilt limiter sets a cap on how far back you can recline so that even if you have a low tension set for the tilt, once you reach the limit, your recline has come to its maximum angle
  • Forward Tilt: forward tilt provides users with the ultimate in maneuverability, making sure that even when you lean forward, your Herman Miller support system stays with you every step of the way
  • Arm Height: this allows you to adjust how high or low you’d like your arm rests to be. While many prefer to keep it right at desk level so that their arms are in the proper posture, having the option to lower them so that the arms allow the chair to move closer into your desk is very beneficial
  • Arm Angle: adjusting the arm angle brings the versatility to the office space that other chairs lack. Perfect for reclining, putting the arms angled up and reading a report, there are so many ways to play around with this, you’ll wonder how you ever did without it
  • Posture Fit: Provides a butterfly bar in the back of the chair so that you can get that extra boost of posture if you’re, say, sitting forward typing or some other intensive position
  • Lumbar: Lumbar support is quite possibly the most important support any office chair can give you, helping to eliminate back pain and neck strain

Seat Width Sizing

One option that you may not have noticed above is an option to change seat width. Although this is popular with other brands, Herman Miller chairs come instead in three different sizes that correspond to individual body size. Most people find that the ‘B’ size fits them just fine, but those that don’t appreciate the options that Herman Miller brings to them. Not all of us are created equal!

  • Size A: Choose this size if you are between 4’10” to 5’2” and between 90 and 130 pounds
  • Size B: Choose this size if you are between 5’3” to 6’6” and between 140 and 300 pounds
  • Size C: Choose this size if you are between 5’3 to 6’6” and between 180 and 300+ pounds (large framed people)

Choosing The Right Herman Miller Chair for You

The bottom line here is that Herman Miller has been at the top of the food chain for decades now and will be for many more to come. Their company signifies excellence, power and innovation, something that you want to be associated with in the office. Whether you’re a junior moving up in the company or a long established senior, nothing quite makes a statement like a powerful, Herman Miller office chair.

Browse now through the different models, sizes, styles and colors offered by Herman Miller while keeping in mind the sound advice we have given you. Herman Miller chairs last for many, many years but purchasing one is a big decision all the same.

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