Finding Home Office Chairs With Good Seats

Extra padding isn’t the only aspect of home office chairs that you need to consider. A bad chair seat that’s too high for the user could either cause them to work with their legs off the floor or make them lean forward without having the s-curve of their spine supported. These awkward and uncomfortable positions can cause a user to suffer from fatigue, circulation issues, numbness and swelling. This article will tell you how to find a good seat in an office chair as well as a couple of brands that do the trick in the seat department.

Finding a Seat, Part 1

Any good home office chair should have an adjustable seat pan and should be able to support a variety of seated positions. The seat’s height should be able to be adjusted. This is especially important when the seat is going to be shared by multiple users. The right seat height for a user is that which allows the user to put both feet on the floor with the knees being slightly above the edge of the seat.

Seat pans should be large enough to accommodate the majority of users. Larger people should look for home office chairs with oversized seat pans. A good office chair should also be padded and have a waterfall edge component. The waterfall edge contributes to a better sitting experience.

Seat pans should be contoured so that weight is evenly distributed and the chair provides a comfortable sitting experience. The seat pan edge should be padded and contoured so that compression of the buttocks and thighs is prevented. The back of a seat pan should be very comfortable for the user. What will be comfortable for one user may not be ideal for others. Make sure to also get a chair that is able to swivel easily.

Finding a Seat, Part 2

The wrong seat pan can cause a user to have restricted leg movement and improper support. Home office chairs with seat pans that are too short can cause taller users to put undue pressure on their buttocks. Excessively long seat pans can cause shorter users to deal with excess pressure on the knees and improper back support. Seat pans that are too small can restrict movement and give inadequate support to the user.

Seat pans should never be too long. Seat pans that are too long can either meet you behind the knees or prevent you from being able to lean back for full lumbar support. There should be a half inch gap between the front of the seat pan and the back of the user’s knees. A user’s seat pan should be at least long enough to support a minimum of three quarters of the length of the thighs.

A good seat pan should be depth adjustable so that tall users can be adequately supported while shorter users are able to have their backs fully supported by their office chairs. Proper seat pans should support most of the thighs without the back of the user’s knees touching the edge of the seat.

Finding a Seat, Part 3

When it comes to finding a good home office chair, consulting user reviews is practically a required part of the process. One office brand that has gotten stellar reviews is Herman Miller. A very famous office chair brand that is known for producing one of the most popular chair models on the market, the seats of its chairs have been heralded for their design, which according to reviewers keeps the pressure off of their thighs very well. For users that have a smaller frame, the Container Store makes chair models with seats that are quite appropriate for their size.

Since most of us spend a lot of work time in our seats, it’s important to find home office chairs with a great seat. This article can be a great starting point for finding the perfect chair for you.

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