Office Chair Mat Protect Your Office Floor

The office chair mat is an accessory to the swivel chair, the office chair, and the computer chair. These chair types were designed for the comfort and convenience of office employees and executives. They have wheels on their bases instead of four chair legs. An office chair mat was invented out of the necessity to protect the surrounding floor from wearing out too soon. This usually happens as a consequence of wheel movements on the base of a swivel chair. It is also useful for adapting the floor surface to the necessary movement of a wheeled chair.

For instance, there is an office chair mat for a carpeted floor and an office chair mat for hard floors. Having these around on the floor below your chair will allow you the freedom and the mobility to wheel around conveniently as you go about your work, without worrying about harming the carpet or floor. An office chair mat is also said to be therapeutic, easing the 8-hour strain of uncomfortable seating.

A low-quality office chair mat will be prone to cracks, chips, tears and grazes. Therefore, it is imperative to choose your product well, before taking it to your home or office.

Top 3 Types of Office Chair Mat

Floortex Floortex Ultimat Polycarbonate Chair Mat

Floortex Cleartex Polycarbonate Contour Chair Mat Polycarbonate is a tough polymer plastic. It is an easily moldable but very durable resin. It is resistant to high temperatures, impacts, and scratches. This clear contour office chair mat shows off your carpet as it protects it, being made of a clear plastic. Its moldable qualities make it hold its shape as your chair rolls on it. This product is 49—39 inches.

Roll Up Office Chair Mat

The Roll-Up Office Chair Mat from Anji Mountain Bamboo Rug Co.® This mat is unusually stylish because it is made up of bamboo instead of vinyl. It will enhance the interior of your office as it does the regular job of an office chair mat. Needless to say, it is eco-friendly. The Anji Mountain Bamboo Rug Co.® also makes foldable versions of these mats, and there is a choice of bamboo mats for carpets and for hard floors as well.

Delfecto Classic Vinyl RollaMat

Deflecto Classic Vinyl RollaMat Vinyl is the most common material for chair mats, but there is nothing common about Deflect-o. This is Deflect-o’s office chair mat for medium thick carpeting. It is designed for smooth rolling with its beveled edges. The surface is textured for slip and cuff resistance. It has notched and blunt end studs to grip the carpet without harming the carpet backing.

Where to Get Your Office Chair Mat

This useful office accessory is commonly available from retail stores. Wholesalers and office product distributors might also carry office chair mats in their inventory. A very convenient way to shop is online. Large online retailers are the best places to find what you want at bargain prices. Sometimes they carry products that are not found in brick-and-mortar stores. You will see catalogs with photos and prices. You can compare products without the hassle. And you can buy with the click of a mouse. Try and find the best office chair mat for you.

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