An Office Armoire – Just What You Need for Your Home Office

Definition of an Office Armoire

If you are looking to renovate your workspace into a more efficient and space saving one, then the office armoire was designed for you. An armoire is a cabinet-desk that has doors to hide away the work when needed. It also has drawers and cubbyholes for organizing. With the doors to the armoire shut, it will look like an ordinary cabinet or any ubiquitous furniture. For this reason, the office armoire is the favorite desk for the home office. It is also perfect for a small office where you need to get creative with the space you have.

Originally, an armoire was a large moveable cabinet for storing weapons, hence the name. Throughout the years, this piece of furniture then evolved into a stand-alone wardrobe for the storage of clothes. Some were specific to the storage of jewelry. In more modern times, it became a receptacle for the television, the stereo, and the entertainment center. When the office environment needed to be organized from a sudden influx of paperwork, the office armoire came to be. Nowadays in keeping with the times when you speak of an office armoire it is understood to mean a computer armoire.

Variations of the Office Armoire

A computer armoire will have receptacles for the peripherals of a computer. It will have well placed holes for the cables to pass through. It will have a sliding tray for the keyboard, and it will have designated spots for your CPU, your monitor, and your printer.

A variation is a fixed desk. This is the old-style office armoire somewhat akin to the rolltop desk. This was a very popular desk before the advent of the computer age. It could be seen around government offices and corporate offices. Essentially, this was an office desk with a cabinet around it. It had many drawers, compartments, and small shelves for office supplies and accumulated paperwork. This design provided the easiest and most efficient design for opening and shutting the work table.

Then there is the office armoire whose design requires the desk area to be cleared and the tabletop to be hidden away before the armoire doors could be shut. In some designs, the tabletop itself doubles as the desk cover or lid. The storage spaces are usually situated right in front of the hinged desk space. They are stacked together in that one space so that they are easily in reach if the lids are used as desktops, and still become fully covered as the lids close. There are overly ornate variations of this, such as the ones following the Whooton desk style. There are also much simpler variations, such as the Shaker style armoire.

Finally, there is the laptop armoire. This is a more compact version of the computer desk armoire. It is smaller, with less shelving space. It is a good alternative for the small home office.

What is the Best Office Armoire?

If you are looking for plenty of storage space, then the Harwick Office Center is designed just for that. It has plenty of cabinets, and even file drawers to go with the computer and desk space. This is perfect for businesses that generate a lot of paperwork, and those that need to keep a lot of files. The Sauder Brand, on the other hand, has good designs of both the computer and the laptop office armoire. Both of these brands of office armoire are available at

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